Spencer Thomasson

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Fractional CTO


I am a seasoned technology executive with over 10 years of leadership experience, leveraging over 25 years of Software Development experience.

Who I am


I specialize in product scaling, security, and team efficiency with technology. With a deep passion for building products that impact lives and drive organizational efficiency, I stand out with a unique blend of technical mastery and executive acumen.

My background in cross-platform development, team automation, and process optimization makes me the ideal fractional CTO for startups and small businesses seeking strategic technology leadership.


years Software Development Experience


years Executive Experience

My Vision

Vision for fractional CTO Role

As a fractional CTO, I am dedicated to helping you make your team more efficient, technologies more secure, and over improve your product development while reducing cost. My approach ocuses on leveraging lean methodologies, and building efficient, quality software. I focus on driving continuous improvement to achieve business goals and helping to make an immediate impact on your organization.

My Qualification

Key Qualifications

Executive Leadership

Over 10+ years of executive-level experience managing technology teams and products.

Cross-Platform Expertise

Deep knowledge in .NET, Linux, and cloud platforms (AWS, Azure, GCP), with over 25 years of development and DevOps experience.

Strategic Vision

Proven track record in building teams from the ground up, architecting scalable systems, and helping to make an immediate impact on your organization.

Award-Winning Impact

Recognized innovator with numerous awards in the Arizona startup ecosystem.



Technology Leadership

Building and mentoring high-performing teams, defining technology strategy, and fostering a culture of innovation.

⇒ We help build your team and help innovation!

Executive Mentoring

Coaching C-level, Director level, and Architecture roles to help improve development teams deliver faster.

⇒ We help mentor current leaders to accelerate their growth!

Software Development - Quickly launch MVPs

Expertise in full-stack development, including cross-platform development, AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Infrastructures.

⇒ We specialize in taking a concept and building a full MVP in months not years.

Cloud System Architecture

Designing scalable, resilient systems using cloud technologies, microservices architecture, and distributed systems.

⇒We help your team build on the latest deployment technologies!

Process Optimization

Implementing efficient workflows, Kanban and SCRUM ethodologies, and automation to accelerate product development cycles.

⇒ We help your team develop faster and more efficiently!

My Highlight

Professional Highlights

Startup founder of multiple brands

Seasoned Startup Founder who has founded 7 different brands of his own. Experiences building product, teams, marketing, and ground-up strategies.
I know the pitfalls of startups! I can help you avoid them and accelerate!

Fractional CTO for last 2 years

In the last 2 years have taken 3 platforms from zero to production in under 6 months!
Demonstrated ability to lead and scale technology teams across multiple startups, achieving significant milestones in team growth, system architecture, and process automation.

Director of Software at Lighthouse Global

Transformed legacy systems into fully distributed architectures, achieving over 99.8% uptime and tripling
application usage.
Took the flagship product from ~$2M to ~$8M in just over 2 years by improving the software

Proven leader in Software Development over 25 years

In today’s fast-paced world, efficiency, security, and product scaling aren't just goals; they're necessities! My passion is building impactful products and enhancing organizational efficiency through technology.
From startups to small businesses, my approach leverages lean methodologies to not just meet but exceed your strategic goals. Whether it's through executive mentoring, cloud system architecture, or launching a Minimum Viable Product swiftly, my aim is to make a significant impact right from the start.
Recognized in the Arizona startup ecosystem, my journey has been about creating value and fostering innovation. I have led technology for companies like GoDaddy, SRP, and Wells Fargo and turned challenges into milestones. I've taken this learning and launched 7 of my own brands. And now I want to help you!

Awarded by Various industry

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Let’s build
something great!

Let’s collaborate and transform your vision into an exceptional online experience. Get in touch today.

I am located in Gilbert, AZ but work in all US time-zones and with over-seas teams.