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Jacob Changed His Life!

“I completed the full stack development course offered by Startup Hakk, and it was the best decision I ever made!

In months, I went from a college student who was working at Home Depot part time to a full time software developer all without needing to finish my college degree.

The course curriculum was extremely well-structured and covered all the necessary concepts and tools I needed to start as a developer. I was offered my first job days after completing the program”

Jacob Nickerl

Spencer's 25 Years Experience For You!

  • Spencer is an experienced software developer with over 25 years of experience
  • He has built applications and teams for startups and large projects
  • Spencer has created an optimized training program tailored to individual needs
  • The program is designed to help individuals achieve their desired career quickly

What will be the outcome?

Certificate Of Completion

Upon completion of the course, receive a certificate from StartupHakk certifying your training in the necessary technologies.

Resume Preparation And Interview Tips

Get assistance in resume preparation and interview tips to succeed in your career.

Recruiter Matching And Online Resume Posting

Get assistance in matching with great recruiters and posting your resume online.

Top Jobs in the US for Software Developers

Explore the Best Career Opportunities in the Tech Industry

Forbes (these are approximates with 4 years of industry experience.)

  • Enterprise Architect
  • ~$145,000
  • Full Stack Engineer
  • ~$102,000
  • Data Scientist
  • ~$120,000
  • Devops Engineer
  • ~$120,000
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • ~$130,000
  • Data Engineer
  • ~$115,000
  • Software Engineer
  • ~$125,000
  • Back End Engineer
  • ~$115,000
  • Cloud Engineer
  • ~$119,000

Affordable Coding Bootcamp

At StartupHakk, we believe that the cost of education should not be a barrier to learning. That's why we are proud to be the most inexpensive coding bootcamp out there. We stand behind our claim and will even match the price of any similar coding bootcamp you find. With StartupHakk, you can save thousands of dollars while still receiving high-quality coding education.

Learn the .NET Framework

Unlike other coding bootcamps, we focus on teaching the .NET framework. Why? Because we know that it is one of the most versatile and widely used frameworks in the industry today. By learning the .NET framework, you'll have a competitive edge and be ready to take on a variety of roles as a Fullstack developer.

Personalized 1-on-1 Tutoring

We believe that personalized attention and support is key to your success. That's why we provide 1-on-1 tutoring with experienced developers who will help you understand the material and provide feedback on your progress. With this level of support, you'll be better equipped to learn, grow, and succeed in your career.

What Is The Course?

Learn to become a Fullstack Software Developer
with a series of planned and recorded training videos.

How Does It Work?

Full Access to Course Materials
  • Access to videos and assignments
  • Work through course at own pace
Real Developer Tutoring
  • One-on-one help when stuck
  • Guidance from real developers
Exclusive Discord Server Access
  • Access to former and current students
  • Chat and get help when needed
Personalized Learning Experience
  • Course tailored to your needs
  • Work on areas that need improvement
Community Learning
  • Connect with peers in the industry
  • Learn from the experiences of others
24/7 Support
  • Never get stuck alone
  • Multiple avenues for support

How Long Will It Take?

Complete training in as short as 3 months!


The course can be completed in 3 months at a full pace of 6-8 hours a day or in 6 months by 2-3 hours a day.

Consistency is Key

It is important to keep up with the coursework by dedicating at least 5 days per week.


One-on-one help is available from tutors through an exclusive Discord server.


Peer support within the community helps you stay motivated and on track.

Why is the course right for me?

"Outstanding Experience"

StartupHakk has provided me with the real-world experience that I needed. The tutoring has been invaluable and helped me land my first career as a full stack dotnet developer. I really feel prepared getting to work on a real-world project while still having the hands-on training and guidance. I highly recommend it!

Jacob Nickerl
"Effective preparation"

StartupHakk's curriculums helped to prepare me to start my first development job. It trained me in just the things that my employer wanted and nothing else. Having the great founding of web technologies, RESTful services, APIs, C# dotnet core, and Angular - all with Azure helped me step right into my first role as a developer and set me up for success. I would highly recommend StartupHakk!

Talon Smith
"Career Transformation"

Completing the Fullstack .NET Developer course was a game-changer for my career. The course provided an in-depth understanding of the entire development process, from creating responsive front-end interfaces to building scalable back-end systems. The expert instructors and hands-on projects allowed me to apply my knowledge and gain practical experience. I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to become a proficient full-stack .NET developer.

Jack Hurley
Upon completion of the course, we will work with you to land your first job. Spencer will work with you directly to make sure you get placement of your first job!

Unlock your full potential with our all-inclusive Fullstack .NET Developer course

Fullstack .NET Developer

Start now on your journey into the best career!

$1000 $699
  • Access to more than 100 training videos that cover essential technologies and are sequentially arranged.
  • Exclusive access to a Discord server for chat and video support with tutors, current and previous students, and Spencer.
  • More than 20 assignments to evaluate and enhance your skills.
  • $99 per month fee for the one-per-week tutoring session beyond the first month.
  • Sequential arrangement of videos to build your understanding from basic to advanced concepts.
  • Four one-on-one tutoring sessions (one per week) included in the first month of enrollment.
  • Hands-on assignments to practice and improve your skills.
  • Direct access to tutors and fellow students for support and guidance.
  • BONUS: You will get access to Free Linux Crash Course in this Package


Yes!! While some technical knowledge helps you accelerate and grasp the concepts quicker, no previous programming experience is required. We start at the very first step and take you all the way to being a professional full-stack Software Developer!
Our bootcamps offer 1-hour, Monday through Friday, of 1:1 instruction, help and guidance with a full-stack, professional developer who will act as your instructor for the course. These meetings are virtual, and the entire instruction is provided virtually so it works on your schedule.
Some technical background helps, but we start at the very basics. If you have experience – great! You will move a little quicker through the course. First time – no problem! Our 1:1 tutoring will make sure you never get stuck and can help you through any problems.
We provide resume building experience, and have an army of recruiters we have used to help you land some interviews – all as part of the service.
At the successful completion of the course you will receive a certificate of completion from StartupHakk that shows that you have completed the course. It will list the skills that you are proficient on, and will have the Signature of Spencer Thomason and your instructor certifying your completion. It will also have contact details that a hiring manager can reach out to confirm your completion of the course and the ability to use us as a reference.

Full Time

  • 6 hour a day
  • 1 hour/day 1:1 personal assistance
  • 5 days/week 1:1 personal assistance
  • Fast pace
  • complete course faster and start preparing for jobs

Part time

  • self pace
  • 30min/day 1:1 personal assistance
  • 3 days/week 1:1 personal assistance

Start now on your journey into the best career!

Busting Software Development 7 Myths

Discovering the Exciting and Accessible World of Software Development

What skills do I need to be great Software Developer?

  • Software development is all about problem solving and requires persistence and relentlessness to break through challenges.
  • Sometimes it means trying different approaches, flipping the problem around, breaking it down, and looking at things in a different way.
  • Confidence is key. You need to have enough confidence to not give up and walk away. You have to be confident in your skills and your ability to problem solve.
  • This means not giving up when things get tough and being confident in yourself.
Ask For Help
  • Knowing when to ask for help is crucial for developers.
  • Asking for another pair of eyes can help break down a problem and lead to solutions.

The fastest way to become a Fullstack Applications Developer that every company will be begging to hire!

With our fulltime bootcamp, In 12 short weeks, you will become a Junior Fullstack Software Engineer. You will be provided with all of the tools needed to hit the ground running on your first job! And our recruiting resources can help you on your way to your first job.

Our companies

What We Made

Built by industry professionals

Quickest and Surest way to a lucrative career as a Fullstack Developer

One-on-One instruction
Work remote - but feel connected!
Become Zero to Pro in Visual Studio 2022
Proven path to best career in shortest time!

Proven Courses

StartupHakk Curriculum is a proven set of courses to help you efficiently and quickly learn the needed skills to become a proficient Fullstack Developer.

With StartupHakk you will get 1 on 1 daily tutoring from a Senior developer to help expedite your learning and make sure you never get stuck in your learning.

In order to complete our fulltime bootcamp, we ask that you dedicate 6 hours per day. With 6 hours a day, most candidates complete the instruction portion in 12 weeks.

The final 4-weeks of the StartupHakk course includes a project of your choosing. Start with a new startup, work on a hobby project, or work on a project for work. In 4 weeks, you can build a full, real, fullstack application for yourself. The best way to learn is doing, and you will have daily supervision as you do so.

Technologies and Skill Sets You'll Acquire:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery & Bootstrap
  • Microsoft SQL
  • Dotnet Core 6.0
  • C# 11 Language
  • Rest APIs
  • Angular 14
  • Git Source Control
  • Microsoft Azure
Get Started With Your .NET Bootcamp Now

Tools you'll be working on

  • Visual Studio 2022
  • Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Chrome, Firefox to Debug Application
Get Started With Your .NET Bootcamp Now

Spencer Thomason

Spencer Thomason has worked as a Software Developer for over 25 years. He has spent his entire career developing on Microsoft technologies and has worked on .NET since it’s first beta edition. He also has experience developing on Linux since 2003. During this time he has worked in both large-corporate teams, as well as built small Startup teams. A few of the companies he has worked on include: JDA Software, Wells Fargo, Go Daddy, and more


Spencer is the Founder of many different startup companies. These include CleanRouter, CleanPhone, HopeChestSoftware, FreeMeshWireless,, and more. Spencer has interviewed, hired, and trained many developers thru his career. He knows what Hiring Managers are looking for. He knows the shortest path to get you into your development career in the quickest time possible. He has perfected a training model that will assist you to learning the most important technologies the quickest. Sign up today and start your journey to becoming a full-stack developer today! It is a career you will never regret!

Learn to code like a pro

Expectations this bootcamp will fulfill

Real tools and practices to build job-ready skills

You'll gain the skills to plan, scope, build, and manage applications. You'll learn cutting-edge tech like Angular 14 and ES6, C#(C-Sharp), REST API, Git, ASP.NET Core

Get Started With Your .NET Bootcamp Now

Real engineering work, right away

You'll work through hundreds of hours of problems designed to prepare you for success in technical interviews and in the workplace.

Start Your Journey

Real-world expectations to help launch your career

We'll challenge you to meet deadlines and requirements, build autonomy, communicate with precision, and collaborate effectively. Then we'll help you land the job you've worked so hard to prepare for.

Become A Highly Paid Developer

Full time classes

Schedule - Weeks 1 - 12 (Instructions plan)

8am - 11am

Self-guided course-work

11am - 12pm

1:1 tutoring with a Senior Developer

12pm - 12.30pm

Lunch break away from the computer

12:30pm - 3:30pm

Self-guided course-work

Schedule - Weeks 13 - 16 (Self-selected project)

Build a real, project. Start a startup. Start a project for work. Start a hobby project. All guided and architected with Spencer and another Senior developer to help see you thru the first month of launching the project. And all build in real, production Azure environment.

After completing our online coding bootcamp, you'll be what you want to be: a software developer, fully capable of tackling unique and unfamiliar problems and building complex applications on the job.
To help you land that job, we train you to have in-demand technical skills, resume writing, articulate requirements, and the ability to work autonomously. You'll learn latest Angular, C#(c-sharp), .NET Core, REST APIs, SQL and so much more.

Part time classes

If you are working fulltime and want to start career as software developer, we got the solution for you. you can join our part-time class and start learning at your own pace.
These part time bootcamp is no different than the fulltime bootcamp except you have more flexibility with you time availability


What is Web Development

Web development involves building and programming websites and apps, while web design focuses on their features and functionality. Web developers write code using various programming languages to ensure proper website functionality and a great user experience.

How much time it takes to learn from zero?


Takes 12-18 Months Minimum And Can Be Up To 14 Months

Guided Courses

Personal Trainers Or Guided Boot Camps With A Tutor Can Take 3-4 Months

Getting Unstuck

A Tutor Can Be Helpful In Case You Get Stuck While Learning

Benefits of Web Development Jobs

  • One Of The Fastest Growing Industries.
  • Work From Home.
  • Great Salaries.
  • Work As A Freelancer.

What to Learn?

  • .NET Core (Recommended).
  • JAVA
  • PHP
  • ANGULAR – (Recommended).
  • VUE JS