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StartupHakk Curriculum is a proven set of courses to help you efficiently and quickly learn the needed skills to become a proficient Fullstack Developer.

With StartupHakk you will get 1 on 1 daily tutoring from a Senior developer to help expedite your learning and make sure you never get stuck in your learning.

In order to complete our fulltime bootcamp, we ask that you dedicate 6 hours per day. With 6 hours a day, most candidates complete the instruction portion in 12 weeks.

The final 4-weeks of the StartupHakk course includes a project of your choosing. Start with a new startup, work on a hobby project, or work on a project for work. In 4 weeks, you can build a full, real, fullstack application for yourself. The best way to learn is doing, and you will have daily supervision as you do so.

Technologies and Skill Sets You'll Acquire:

visual studio code

Tools you'll be working on

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We constantly improve our coding bootcamp curriculum based on new trends, changing needs of the tech industry, and feedback from our students and alumni.

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