Yes!! While some technical knowledge helps you accelerate and grasp the concepts quicker, no previous programming experience is required. We start at the very first step and take you all the way to being a professional full-stack Software Developer!

Our bootcamps offer 1-hour, Monday through Friday, of 1:1 instruction, help and guidance with a full-stack, professional developer who will act as your instructor for the course. These meetings are virtual, and the entire instruction is provided virtually so it works on your schedule.

Some technical background helps, but we start at the very basics. If you have experience – great! You will move a little quicker through the course. First time – no problem! Our 1:1 tutoring will make sure you never get stuck and can help you through any problems.

We provide resume building experience, and have an army of recruiters we have used to help you land some interviews – all as part of the service.

It depends on what do you prefer. For fulltime students StartupHakk provide two options.

  • Single payment
  • Partial payments

Luckily, StartupHakk provide $500 discount on single payment.

For parttime students, StartupHakk provide monthly payments.

Start now on your journey into the best career!

At the successful completion of the course you will receive a certificate of completion from StartupHakk that shows that you have completed the course. It will list the skills that you are proficient on, and will have the Signature of Spencer Thomason and your instructor certifying your completion. It will also have contact details that a hiring manager can reach out to confirm your completion of the course and the ability to use us as a reference.

Full Time

  • 6 hour a day 
  • 1 hour/day 1:1 personal assistance
  • 5 days/week 1:1 personal assistance
  • Fast pace
  • complete course faster and start preparing for jobs

Part time

  • self pace
  • 30min/day 1:1 personal assistance
  • 3 days/week 1:1 personal assistance

Start now on your journey into the best career!

  1. Select Paypal while payment as show in the below image
  2. Click on Paypal button 
  3. Click Buy Now. 
  4. Select Monthly payment option on final page.

pay monthly with paypal