Are Developer salaries dropping? Has the recession killed the salaries of the dream job?


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Developer salaries – Welcome to StartupHakk, I want to talk about whether we’re going to see developer salaries start dropping or not as part of this inflation drop-off or whether we think we’ll see them continue to increase.

All right, so I’ve heard with you know we’ve seen the housing market crash. We’re seeing not crash but starting to soften and drop you know we definitely saw a run-up with salaries on inflation and i read this article that asked the question do you think we’ll see developer salaries drop off? Now, I have a pretty strong opinion about this one.

What I’ve Seen:

I’ve been in the industry for a long time I’ve been through the recession in 2008. I was right at the beginning of the recession from 2001 especially you know that point developers definitely got hit with some of the dot-com bubble bursts but I don’t think we’d seen really the run-up on salaries in 2001 that we have today. So definitely you know whether the 2001, the 2008, you know most recently the 2020 and then even now, we’re seeing with this runaway inflation and how it’s going to affect salaries and whatnot and so, you know, we’re starting to see housing prices drop, seeing used car market prices drop. Hopefully we’d love to see some other drops like groceries and those kind of things but we haven’t yet.

Developer Salaries:

So my point today is, talking about the developer salaries. Now, a couple of things go into this. I think one of the reasons that I personally think that we won’t see even a flattening or a drop in developer Salaries, is one, demand. I think developers are still on demand no matter who you are, what company you’re building. It seems like everybody still needs the developers and I think until we see developer demand drop, I don’t think we’re going to magically see that those salaries drop. Either the other one is that I think what we’re going to see, is we’re going to see more specializations. 

We’re definitely seeing more specializations of developer’s kind of start to break out. You know app development is one thing, App development is a breakout. We see full stack development but as we continue to see development, more tools and more development structures being brought, cloud computing Etc. It’s actually really broken off into a whole separate different section of development and so now we have a lot of devops engineers that wasn’t even a category of things that existed before and I remember when I very first heard cloud computing. I kind of chuckled. 

I was like, isn’t the internet always kind of been cloud computing but you know, now we see these whole new categories of engineers with devops engineers and a lot of other different types of engineering that are starting to break out with the invent of cloud computing and really, the standardization of cloud computing today.


So I think that’s one of the big reasons that i don’t think you’ll see it drop. The other reason is I just think that at the end, it’s a specialized enough skill and I think this is the third thing to see that specialization of skill. I don’t think you’ll ever see it really go away and so really, I think this is the reason that I personally don’t think we’re gonna see things come back down from the clouds that the inflation has caused. 

I don’t think we’re gonna see developer salaries drop. I think ultimately at the end of the day, I think you’re still gonna have to see the same demand for developers and because of that, you’re always going to still see the same need for salaries. Now, one of the things that will be an interesting kind of a spin-off of this conversation, is what you’re going to see versus the demand on seniors and juniors and as the senior developers become harder and harder to come by, I think you’re going to see more and more people moving to building with junior developers.

We even here at StartupHakk feel that there’s a hybrid worker that could be had where you have somebody who’s a senior in their field whether it’s doing analysts work.


Whether it’s doing some specialized business process. We specialize in taking these specialists in their field and teaching them how to develop and teaching them to become a full stack developer and in the process. What you’re going to get with that is you will get somebody who can become a full stack developer while still being a specialist in their field and this is ultimately going to be, we feel, one of the best hybrids and really be the best benefit for a corporate world who can work with getting these specialized people to work as a developer and then that’s gonna ultimately help them to be really good in their field and I think this is one of the specialties that we’re going to really be working so make sure you check out 

This is a great opportunity that we’re just starting out to kick off our coding boot camp so that you can take someone who’s a specialist in your field, teach them to be a developer and then begin to build and learn all of these most important skills that you get. So make sure to check out

learn all of these most important skills that you get. So make sure to check out

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