Google’s hiring secret – no degrees!

startup business, software developer working on computer at modern office

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There is no doubt that Google is one of the most coveted employers – particularly of engineers. However, what used to be the bare minimum – a degree – is no longer required to be employed at Google. The top employer is now turning to coding bootcamps that provide a certificates to train these developers to be exactly what they want.

From the article from Inc: “Google’s free project management certification course is effectively helping to make its project manager positions open to anyone. By eliminating the standard restrictions such as higher education and direct experience, it casts a much wider net on the potential candidate pool.” (

However, Google is not alone. Many large companies such as Ford, Nasdaq, Qualtrics, SalesForce, Deloitte, Wells Fargo, SAP, and more, are turning to these more directly training. But unlike Google, many cannot afford to build their own curriculum and produce their own trainings.

startup business, software developer working on computer at modern office

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