3 Must Have Developer Skills in 2022 to be Successful!


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Today, we’re gonna talk about the 3 Must Have Developer Skills or three most important skills that every developer needs. I’ve been working as a software developer for over 25 years and I’ve really honed down on these three things that every software developer needs to be a successful software developer. Let’s go ahead and get started. 


So number one is you’ve got to be relentless there’s the persistence of breaking through challenges Sometimes it means cussing, throwing down your tools, walking away for a minute, and then coming back and trying again. But you’ve got to just be able to be relentless and drive through hard problems, all of programming or software development is just problem solving and so you just have to be good at really driving through those hard times when most others are giving up and that’s one of the core key pieces that make the software developer is, you’ve got to be able to be relentless. And so that means that sometimes you’re trying to solve it front to back and if you get frustrated or confused, flip it around, try to solve it back to front, You can try to just really look at things in a different way.

Must Have Developer Skills
Must Have Developer Skills

Sometimes it means breaking the problem down, you’ve just got to be relentless in pursuing that you’re what you’re going for and what you’re building. And this is part of the reason why most entrepreneurs are somewhat technical because they’ve learned how to break through these problems. It includes problem solving and technical problems or something that hits everybody as you’re starting to build a product a company or whatever it is that you’re trying to build in. So you’ve got to be relentless.


Number two is confidence You’ve got to be confident enough that you can solve a problem. Sometimes this confidence may just mean that you have the ability to google and that’s a really important skill is somebody who can google really well and sort through some of the craft to find the really important stuff. Sometimes it means putting on fast paced music and just jamming it out, going back to number one to be persistent, but you’ve got to have enough confidence to not give up and walk away.

Must Have Developer Skills
Must Have Developer Skills

You’ve got to be confident in yourself, confident in your skills and confident that you can get through this I tell myself a lot of times somebody has figured out how to do this before and there’s very few times as a developer that you’re truly writing some piece of code that no one else has written before, it’s usually how we put them together, The business logic, the marketing play, whatever it is, But at the end of the day, usually you’re writing some piece of code, somebody has done before. And so I tell myself frequently somebody else figured this out. So I can be confident in my ability to learn in my ability to problem solve and then back to number one, confident in my ability to be persistent I know that even though I’ve gotten stuck on hard stuff before, I’ve been able to break through those and I that has continued to increase my confidence.

So this means not giving up when things get tough and it means just being confident in yourself. Now one in two may seem counter may see contrary to number three, but I think this is a really important skill as a developer.

Ask For Help:

Number three is knowing when to ask for help. This is a really important problem. And I see a lot of junior developers really struggle with this. They’ll spin and spin and spin their wheels for days at a time. Now that term spin your wheels, if you think about where this term comes from, it comes from when you’re off roading, if you’re off road in a jeep or a truck or something like that, and if you get stuck, if you get stuck or you get stuck in deep snow and you keep trying, the more you spin your wheels, the deeper you dig into the problem.

Must Have Developer Skills
Must Have Developer Skills

So this goes back to then being able to know number one and number two, know how to be persistent, you know how to, you know, have confidence in yourself to break down the problem, but then also be confident enough that you can say I need another pair of eyes on this and a lot of times just getting another pair of eyes can sometimes help you break down the problem. I know a lot of times there’s probably been, I would say half the time that I asked for help from somebody and just in explaining the problem or what I’m hitting, I come up with ideas and solutions so no one to ask for help, know when to dig in and when to say, okay, I’m gonna stop, you know, pushing on that throttle and digging this even deeper. So I would definitely say a third one that seems counter to the first two, but I promise isn’t.

And it’s true for all developers know when to ask for help. No one to ask for another senior, no wonder if you’re a junior developer know when to ask for a senior, ask your boss let somebody know because if you suffer in silence a lot of times you’re just digging the hole deeper and you may still be stuck at the same problem if you just kept trying. So, you know, they say the definition of insanity is is you know, trying to repeat the same thing over and over again and expecting different results So, you know, that’s this is definitely that time when you need to figure out when to ask for help. So this becomes a very important skill as you become a good developer because you gotta know when to be able to say okay enough’s enough, I gotta be able to jump out and get some problem solving with this.


So that’s part of the reason why us here at startuphakk, we have we’re working on that, we have now rolled out the exclusive dot net web development boot camp with a guaranteed one on one instruction. This allows you that with in under 12 weeks, you can come out as a full stack software developer, We include one hour of instruction every day as part of the boot camp and this allows you to be able to never get stuck, so you can be confident that you’re running through your things, you can be relentless in pushing through the course. But ultimately if you get stuck with this one on one instruction, you’re never more than a day away from from getting help. And so we have found that these three skills fit perfectly into our curriculum that we’ve built here, it in there dot net web development bootcamp So the curriculum that we’ve built on top of is the web technologies, seek Microsoft SQL at the back end dot net core, building out rest aPI S and angular on the front end while teaching you get and how to use Microsoft Azure.

So by the end of the course you’re building full Azure, web ready or what they call cloud ready or fully distributed scalable solutions, we’ll teach you how to use all the latest tools and this is a proven course that has been, we’ve been using over and over and we’ve had a lot of success. We’ve placed all of our developers that we have put through the course to date. I’m really excited to roll this out and really hope that you take an opportunity to dig in and learn a little bit more about our exclusive code dot net boot camp. And so if you have any questions feel free to reach out to us on the site, otherwise jump in now, what are you waiting for? Start an awesome career as a dot net developer and get started with starter pack today.

This is a great opportunity that we’re just starting out to kick off our coding boot camp so that you can take someone who’s a specialist in your field, teach them to be a developer and then begin to build and learn all of these most important skills that you get. So make sure to check out startuphakk.com.

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